A complete facial regime, from cleanse, balance, repair and moisture to relax. Allow this quality skincare to restore skin balance, enhance skin radiance and complexion, and indulge your every sense with the legendary luxury you expect.
* Products are pure 100% natural and dermatologist tested.

Please Note
At the moment, we temporarily do not offer Facial Treatments, Hand and Feet Deep Dermal Wrap/Scrub Add-ons, and Hot Stone Massage Services.

* Signature Facial *

This most requested Signature Facial is a customized facial treatment that is tailored to your needs after a consultation with your Esthetician. With your specific concerns in mind, your Esthetician will walk you through step by step with particular regiments just for you.

Organic Relax Facial

Allow your skin to breathe and surrender to total relaxation. With deep rhythmical strokes and compressions of facial points, your skin will relieve itself of any tension for a more glowing and revitalizing, yet soothing sensation. Revel in deep comfort with definite luxury.

Organic Detox Facial

Created to boost your circulation and rejuvenate cells in this deep detoxifying face mask includes 100% Pure Earth Mineral known as “Pure Zeolite”. This treatment traps and removes impurities, replenishes essential trace minerals, improves skin texture and firmness.

Organic Nourish Facial

Treat you skin to the organic nourishment it deserves. This facial will not only pamper your skin, but also heal it by restoring its youthfulness and elasticity. This treatment will help to stimulate the natural production of natural elastin. Your skin will be renewed, healthy, hydrated, and radiant.

Sweet Coco Facial

Putting the benefits of coco to its best: Coco cleansing, coco scrub, and organic dark chocolate mask are being used during this facial. This facial is an antioxidant and anti-aging treatment to prevent blemishes and wrinkles, increase collagen productions, keep skin hydrated and provide a healthy glow.

Hollywood Glow Facial

This treatment allows you to experience a facial during your lunch hour or before your night out begins. Promotes your skin’s radiance with Collagen-Elastin Gel and soothes with our gold sprinkle serum. This process will leave your skin nourished, toned and glistening. Perfect if you are short on time.

Gentlemen's Facial

An amazing facial specifically formulated for the male complexion, this treatment uses natural “Erb” oils, which hydrates and relieves shaving irritation. “Pure Zeolite” Mask will detoxify and cleanse your skin. This is ideal for any city dwellers, frequent air travelers, anyone exposed to harsh & drying weather conditions.